Molly Belle Harper

Born at the height of 80’s fashion, I’m a designer with an equally bright flair and fearless personality! Born into a creative family of graphic artists and advertising writers in Chicago, I carry a strong understanding of visual language that I have lived and breathed all of my life. After having studied fashion design in Los Angeles, my career has taken me into exciting places creating a broad variety of product collections. I have designed unique and highly successful original lineups from scratch, and worked extensively with all phases of both hard and soft good design and fabrication. My current job has sent me around the world representing a global brand, encompassing responsibilities from monitoring factory production in China to brand development at conferences across the United States. In my spare time I sketch the personalities that intrigue and inspire me the most; I feel grateful and humbled when a subject of my portraits appreciates how they are reflected in my work. My artistic sensibility and drive to create is what leads me forward to the next and ever greater challenges that are always pulling me towards a new adventure!